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        Foshan Xinmin Source Mining Co., Ltd. is a "Lianyungang golden red mining" Guangdong area distribution office. The factory is located in Donghai County, Lianyungang, Jiangsu province. It is a comprehensive large-scale mining technology enterprise with the cooperation of well-known state-owned enterprises, which integrates mining, mineral processing, sales and scientific research. It deals with 600 thousand tons of raw ore and rutile annually. 10000 tons of concentrate, 250 thousand tons of iron and aluminum pomegranate concentrate,

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  • Medium fine-grained equipment

    Medium fine-grained equipment

  • Mining barn

    Mining barn

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  • Belt conveyer corridor

    Belt conveyer corridor

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    Screening workshop

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    Production workshop

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The development trend of garnet

The development trend of garnet

In the current international trade, the iron garnet and the calcium iron garnet are the main varieties of the garnet. These two kinds of garnet are hard and hea... 【More】

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